What is PST?

Problem solving therapy (PST) is a brief psychological intervention, or "talking therapy". PST is usually provided over a series of between four and eight sessions. During these sessions the clinician and client collaborate to identify what problems are occurring in the client's life, and then focus on one or more of these while the therapist/clinician teaches the client a structured approach to solving these problems, as well as focusing on improving the client's general approach to problems.

Clinicians can choose to use PST as a complete format or structure for therapy sessions with their client, or may choose to add PST to other approaches that they use. The aim of our training programme is to provide clinicians working with clients at risk of self harm with new skills and knowledge that they can add to their current therapeutic "toolkit".

PST consists of a series of seven steps. For an overview of each of the steps please click on the links on the left.